Sweet children, do spiritual service and benefit yourselves and others. Keep your hearts true to the Father and you will be seated in the Father's heart.


Which children are able to make the effort to remain soul conscious? What are the signs of those who are soul conscious?


Those who have unbroken love for this study and the Father are able to make the effort to become soul conscious. They remain cool. They do not talk too much. They love the Father and their behaviour is very royal. They have the intoxication: God is teaching us and that we are His children. They give happiness to others and take every step according to shrimat.


May you be a full "Mahabali” (the one who becomes a great sacrifice) who sacrifices "I” and "mine”.

To have any limited attachment to a person or possession is to have the consciousness of "mine”. Those who fully surrender the consciousness of "mine” or "I did this”, that is, those who sacrifice this are the ones who are Mahabali. When the limited "I, I” is surrendered, you will then become complete and equal to the Father. It is not: "I am doing this.” It is: "Baba is making me do it. Baba is making me move.” In any situation, instead of "I”, let there naturally be the word "Baba” in your language and not the word "I”.


Have such determination in your thoughts that your thinking and doing become the same.