Sweet children, the Father has come to give you the jewels of knowledge.Whatever the Father says or explains to you is knowledge. No one, except the Ocean of Knowledge, can give you these jewels of knowledge.


What is the main reason why the value of souls decreases?


The value decreases when alloy is mixed into them. Just as the value of jewellery made with gold becomes less when alloy is mixed into it, in the same way, when the alloy of impurity is mixed into souls that are like pure gold, their value decreases. At this time, souls that are tamopradhan have no value. Even their bodies have no value. You souls and your bodies are now both becoming valuable by having remembrance.


May you be a master bestower and give souls who are in great distress liberation and salvation in a second.

You make preparations for the season physically and you bring all the servers and all the necessary materials so that there cannot be any difficulties and time is not wasted. In the same way, the final season of giving all souls liberation and salvation is now going to come. Do not give distressed souls the sorrow of having to stand in a queue, let them continue to come and simply take. Become everready for this. Now, stay beyond the effort-making life, in the stage of a bestower. Continue to move along as a master bestower with every thought at every second.


Keep the Lord present in your intellect and all attainments will also say, "Yes, my lord”.