25/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, make a great deal of effort to remember the Father, because you have to become real gold.

What are the signs of good effort-makers?

Those who are true effort-makers follow shrimat at every step. Those who constantly follow shrimat are the ones who claim a high status. Why does Baba tell you children to follow shrimat constantly? Because He is the true Beloved and the rest are His lovers.

Essence for dharna:

1. You clouds must fill yourselves from the Ocean of Knowledge and then go and shower knowledge. Increase your pilgrimage of remembrance as much as possible. Become real gold by having remembrance.

2. Follow shrimat and imbibe good manners and divine virtues. In order to go to the land of truth, become very true and honest.


May you wear the glasses of seeing specialities when coming into relationship and connection with one another and so become a world transformer.

While coming into relationship and connection with one another, see each one’s specialities. Adopt the vision of only seeing specialities. Nowadays, the fashion and compulsion are of wearing glasses. So, wear glasses that only see specialities; let nothing else be visible. For instance, when you wear red lensed glasses, even something green would then appear red. So, with the glasses of seeing specialities, you will not see any rubbish but by seeing the lotus will become an instrument for the special task of world transformation.


Constantly stay away from the dust of thinking of others and looking at others and you will become a valuable, flawless diamond.