Sweet children, renounce body consciousness and become soul conscious. Only those who are soul conscious are called part of God’s family.


How is the spiritual gathering of you children different from all other spiritual gatherings?


This is the only spiritual gathering where you listen to the knowledge of souls and the Supreme Soul. You study here to attain your aim and objective, which is in front of you. In other spiritual gathering, neither do they study nor do they have any aim or objective.


May you give the Father the return of love with your angelic stage and thereby become an embodiment of solutions.

To remain stable in the angelic stage is to give the Father the return of love. Those who give such a return become embodiments of solutions. By becoming an embodiment of solutions, your own problems and the problems of others automatically finish. So, it is now the time to do such service, it is now the time to give as well as take. So, now become one who uplifts everyone, like the Father. Listen to their call and reach those souls in your angelic form and remove the tiredness of souls who are tired from their problems.


Remain carefree of waste, not of the codes of conduct.