Sweet children, just as you souls have received thrones in the form of your bodies, in the same way, the Father, who has no throne of His own, is sitting on the throne of this Dada


What are the signs of those who are aware of being God’s children?


They have true love for the one Father. God’s children never fight or argue with one another. They can never have impure vision. Since they have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, that is, they have become brothers and sisters, they cannot look at one another with impure vision.


May you become worthy of receiving blessings from everyone and experience growing with an elevated method of sustenance.

The confluence age is the age to grow with congratulations. You children are being sustained with congratulations from the Father and the family. It is with these congratulations that you are dancing, singing, being sustained and flying. This sustenance is wonderful. You children become bestowers with big hearts and feelings of mercy and continue to give congratulations to one another at every moment, saying "Very good, very good”. This is an elevated way of giving sustenance. Continue to sustain everyone in this way and you will become worthy of receiving congratulations.


To make your nature very easy is the easy way to become an embodiment of solutions.