Sweet children, the Father is now sustaining you, teaching you and advising you whilst you are sitting at home. Therefore, continue to take advice at every step and only then will you claim a high status.


In order to be liberated from punishment, what effort do you have to make over a long period of time?


That of becoming a conqueror of attachment. Let there not be any attachment to anyone. Ask your heart: Do I have attachment to anyone? None of your old relationships should be remembered at the end. Settle all your karmic accounts with the power of yoga; only by doing this can you claim a high status without experiencing punishment.


May you be an easy yogi who is co-operative with the yagya with the method of love and co-operation.

BapDada loves the love of the children. Those who are loving and co-operative (sahyog) with the yagya automatically become easy yogis (sahaj yogi). Co-operation is easy yoga. The Father, the Conqueror of the Hearts loves the love from the heart and the co-operation from the heart. Those who have a small heart become happy making a small deal, whereas those with a big heart make an unlimited deal. The value is of the love and not the thing and this is why the handful of uncooked rice of Sudama have been remembered. Generally, no matter how much someone gives, but there isn’t any love in that, it is not accumulated. When even a little is accumulated with love, then it becomes a multimillion.


So that your time and energy are not wasted, first think and then act.