Sweet children, you are wonderful actors in this unlimited play. This is an eternal play and nothing in it can be changed.


Which deep secrets only the wise, far-sighted children understand?


The deep secrets of the incorporeal world and the beginning, middle and end of the whole drama can only be understood by the far-sighted children. The full knowledge of the Seed and the tree is in their intellects. They know that every soul is an actor in this unlimited play and that they wear costumes to play their parts from the golden age to the iron age. No actor can return home midway.


May you be an embodiment of awareness and so an embodiment of power and finish the game of dolls by becoming a master ocean of knowledge.

On the path of devotion, they make idols, worship them and then drown them, and you call that the worship of dolls. In the same way, lifeless situations of no essence, such as jealousy, imagination, force etc. come in front of you. You expand them and then you yourself experience them to be the truth and you make others too experience them to be the truth. So, that is like putting life into those situations. Then, by having the remembrance of the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, you let the past be the past and you drown that with the waves of self-progress, but time’s wasted even in that. Therefore, become a master ocean of knowledge before hand and finish the games of dolls with the blessings of awareness and power.


Those who are co-operative at a time of need receive multimillion-fold fruit of one.