Sweet children, first of all, give everyone the Father’s true introduction and prove who the God of the Gita is. Then your name will be glorified.


You children have gone through all four ages of the cycle. What is the custom that has continued on the path of devotion?


Because of your having gone around the cycle of all four ages, they put all the scriptures, idols, etc. on a cart and go around in all four directions. Then they go back home and put them to sleep. You become Brahmins, deities, warriors etc. In memory of your going around this cycle, they started the custom of taking the scriptures around.


May you know the importance of the confluence age and attain countless times return for one-fold and become filled with all attainments.

At the confluence age, BapDada has promised: Give one-fold and you will receive one hundred-thousand-fold. Just as this time is the most elevated time, the most elevated birth, and has the most elevated title, in the same way, it is only at this time that you can experience all attainments. At this time, not only is it one hundred-thousand-fold return of one, but whenever you want, however you want, whatever you want, the Father is bound to you in the form of the Servant. You receive countless times return of one because, at present, the Bestower of Blessings belongs to you. When you are holding the seeds in your hand, you can take whatever you want in a second from the Seed and become filled with all attainments.


No matter what the circumstances are, let go of the circumstances, but do not let go of your happiness.