Sweet children, you have to become spiritual guides and show those of all other religions the way to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You are the true guides.


Which children receive full power by having remembrance of the Father?


The children who, together with having remembrance of the Father, are also completely honest with Him and don't hide anything. Those who remain true to the true Father and don't commit any sin receive power from their remembrance. Some children continue to make mistakes and then ask for forgiveness. Baba says: There cannot be forgiveness. There is an accurate karmic account for every act.


May you be an accurate effort-maker who experiences all inner happiness and all powers in the lap of love.

Those who are real effort-makers do not experience hard work or tiredness but always remain intoxicated in love. Because of being surrendered, even with their thoughts, they experience themselves being made to move by BapDada, not with the feet of hard work, but moving in the lap of love. Because of experiencing all attainments in the lap of love, they are not just moving, but are constantly continuing to fly with the experience of happiness, inner joy and all powers.


When the foundation of faith is firm you naturally experience your life to be an elevated life.