Sweet children, this is a wonderful pathshala (school) in which neither the souls who study visible, nor the One who teaches visible. This is something new.


What main teachings that no one receives in any other school do you receive in this school?


Here, the teachings that the Father gives His children are: Children, control your physical organs. Never have impure vision towards a sister. As souls, you are all brothers, and as children of Prajapita Brahma, you are brothers and sisters. You must never have bad thoughts. These teachings are not given anywhere except in this university.


May you be a bestower of blessings and a great donor, like the Father and take blessings and donate at the time of brahm-muhurat.

At the time of brahm-muhurat (Amrut vela), the Father, the Resident of Brahmlok, especially blesses you children with rays of light and might of the Sun of Knowledge. Along with that, Father Brahma, as the Bestower of Fortune, also distributes the nectar of fortune. You simply have to make sure that the urn of your intellect is ready to imbibe that nectar; let there be no type of obstacle or obstruction. You can then use that auspicious time to make your stage elevated and thereby perform elevated acts for the whole day. The atmosphere at amrit vela can change your attitude, so at that time, take blessings and donate, that is, be one who is blessed and who becomes a great donor.


It is the duty of an angry person to get angry, and your duty is to give love.